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Re: changing partition size

Create the extra space as a separate partition the use RAID LINEAR to 
join the two partitions into one, or simply move some of your current 
directories to the new space and symlink to them from /.

On 28 Jul 98 at 18:57, debian-user@lists.debian.org wrote:

> Hi !
> Is there a command to change (increase) the linux partition over
> unallocated place on the hard disk ? My problem is that I dedicated
> too little place to the linux partition at the installation. I've
> jus't installed Hamm, Xwindow, and part of teTex so I would better
> not be obliged to do it all again. 
> Or there may be a program similar to fips which I used to shrunk my
> dos partition, working under linux ? Also, the available space on
> the hard disk will be right before the Linux partition. Will I have
> a problem with Lilo, will I need to reinstall it on the first block
> of the partition or something like that ?

Gerald V. Livingston II

'69 Bug -- AirBall

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