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[Debian] installing multiple PC's


I need to install a number of PC's with an identical (or allmost)
setup.  However, I don't want to have to choose the packages I want
to install every time again.  So I'm thinking of creating a 
iso9660 CD-ROM from the harddisk on one PC and then using the 
rescue disk to create a fs on the other PC's and just copy the
contents of the CD to those PC's.  Afterwards changing the hostname
of the name should be enough to have it up and running in the network
I figure.

However I'm not sure how to make an image of my initial harddisk.
If I simple create an iso9660 image using makeisofs I will probably
loose permissions, ownership and the /dev and /proc directories
wright?  Using tar should fix the permissions and ownership but I'm
still not sure what will happen with /dev and /proc.

Does anybody have any idea how to do this?

Thanks in advance,


Nico De Ranter
Sony Service Center (PSDC-B/DNSE-B)
Sint Stevens Woluwestraat 55 (Rue de Woluwe-Saint-Etienne)
1130 Brussel (Bruxelles), Belgium, Europe, Earth
Telephone: +32 2 724 86 41 Telefax: +32 2 726 26 86
e-mail: nico.deranter@sonycom.com

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