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Re: Can't Copy 161 MB

Brederlow wrote:
> Dennis Dixon <dixon@dixonadvise.com> writes:
> > What I need to do is change one of my Debian (version 1.3) partitions into 2
> > separate partitions.  There is presently 161 MB of files in hda6 (the
> > partition I want to subdivide) and on my Windows half of the computer in
> > Drive D: (hda5) I have 190MB of free space.
> Normaly the easiest way (after cleaning up the mess you have :) to
> copy the stuff would be "mc". Its located in utils and a very handy
> tool immitating the Norton Commander.
> Since you want to copy stuff to your MSDos Partition temporary, I
> suggest to use tar. That way you won't lose the ownership and
> permissions of your files.

	I second what Brederlow said Dennis.  MC has an option on its default
user menu that can build a tar.gz file of the current directory.  Use
that option to build the tar file, then copy it to your Dos partition. 
MC will probably show an error saying it can't change the owner of the
file after copying it to the Dos partition.   I get it all the time;
don't worry about it.  Since DOS/Win doesn't have multiple users the
change owner function will always fail. (you could compare the tarfiles
with diff if you want to be sure the copy to DOS worked).


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