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Re: Can only play mp3 files as root.

Richard L. Alhama wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, Christopher Barry wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > A while back before I reinstalled hamm I had X11amp working perfectly
> > but having since installed it again I'm having a weird problem. When I
> > run X11Amp as root everything is perfect but when running it as a normal
> > user it appears on screen but the volume is always set to zero and it
> > never remembers my settings if I change the volume value and it also
> > won't open and play any file period, even if I put it in my home
> > directory and set the permissions right. I added myself to group audio
> > but that didn't change anything so I don't know what is up, why I can't
> > do anything with it unless I'm root. I tried reinstalling it several
> > times changing that "run X11amp as root option" and that didn't change
> > anything either.
> Can you decode any mp3 files using mpg123?  I'm having some troubles with
> X11Amp myself.  So I'm using eMusic or mpg123 for an mp3 decoder.

What problems specifically are you having with x11amp? The procedure for
install seems to be:

1) grab x11amp from hamm
2) dselect it
3) adduser user_name audio
4) chmod 770 /dev/audio /dev/dsp /dev/mixer
(after adding myself to group audio properly I wonder how many of those
permissions I really needed to change....)
5) log out and then back in so that the group changes go into effect

X11Amp is the best looking mp3 player, as there are hundreds of skins to
choose from and you can make your own with The Gimp. And as a long time
NT/Windows user I'm really used to Winamp so it's nice to have the

I won't be using x11amp for forever though. I went to their page and
looked all over for the source or any references to a lack thereof and
then I mailed their programmer about it and he said they are planning on
going commercial and may release the source to the mp3 decoder itself
someday since they basically started off with an open source mpeg
decoder but they will never release the source to the entire package.
And since they didn't make their own gui either but rather copied
Winamp's pixel for pixel, it seems that the only 'real' programming they
did was the playlist editor and the ability to actually use Winamp's
skins, which is not a whole lot of innovation to be releasing a
commercial product, IMHO.

> > Thanks for any help,
> > Chris
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