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Re: [I98turboRI@aol.com: Newbie permissions question.]

All you should have to do is add yourself to group dip.  Login as root (or
su) and use 'usermod -G dip username'.  That should do it, you can check
what groups you are in by logging in as yourself and typing 'groups'.  As
for the permissions, type 'man chmod' to read all about them.

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On Sat, 4 Jul 1998, Martin Schulze wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I've got hamm installed, and can use 'pon' to start ppp to hook up to the net
> okay as root, but for the regular user account I made during install I can not
> because I get 'permission denied' errors. I know this has to do with
> permissions, so what do I change and how? I've looked for a 'permissions faq'
> or 'HOWTO' and they don't exist and I checked out the Debian Linux User's
> Guide and they don't really explain permissions and what they are all about,
> just the syntax for the commands. I know I can make something '--?--??---'
> with 'chmod ??0', but I have no idea what the '--?-------' means. If you guys
> could tell me which ppp related files need to be set to what, and point me to
> a good document that explains permissions nicely for newbies, I would much
> appreciate it. I'm soooo sick of AOL.

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