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Re: Bo crashes under heavy disk load

An update to my own post:

Thanks to everyone who replied.  One of the systems is now stable after removing
a set of SIMM modules.  The other system hang also appears to be hardware
(removing an AGP video adapter seems to eliminate the problem).

I now believe that Debian is not a cause of the problems.  I have learned an
important lesson from this experience, that even a system that can successfully
test compile 200 kernels in succession (under moderate page faulting), can still
have severe hardware faults that show up only under heavy paging conditions.
The recursive file reads on UW SCSI seem to being out these failures.  I hope
this helps someone else out there.


On Wed, 22 Jul 1998 08:13:39 GMT, you wrote:

>I can repeatably crash two (nearly) stock Debian 1.3 systems using one or more
>scripts, such as
>find /usr |xargs grep some-arbitrary-string
>looping with some background activity to use up CPU cycles.
>The systems seem stable, otherwise.  Only common hardware are ultra-SCSI disks
>and controllers (AHA-2940).   Any ideas?
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