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Re: Can't Copy 161 MB

On Fri, 03 Jul 1998, Dennis Dixon wrote:
>I figured the thing to do is copy all the files on hda6 into hda5(my D:
>drive), repartition hda6 into hda6 + hda7 (I should use the rescue disk for
>this?), and then copy back my files from 'D:' on to 'hda6', leaving hda7
>empty for future use.  (I thought I read in one of the previous mailings
>that there is software that makes these steps unnecessary.  Is this true?) 
>Anyway, when I tried to do this:
>                 'mount hda5 /mnt'
>                 go to 'D:/Debfiles' directory
>                 'cp -a /usr/*' (hda6)
>I got the error message 'no more space left on device'.
>Furthermore, now when I boot up, my hda2 partition (where my /root is) shows
>0 space available.  When I halt or reboot I get the message:
>                 'error can't write to etc mtab.tmp, no space left on device'

If you did actually forget the destination in your copy command, that
would be what filled up your hda6.  You would have effectively copied
all the files from /usr to your current working directory.  I would
suggest deleting these files ASAP as having a partition with zero
bytes free is a bad thing.  My friend has had trouble booting
(couldn't allocate space for a virtual console) on various occasions
due to out-of-space errors.


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