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Re: Booting a machine with only a cdrom ..

"C.J.LAWSON" <C.J.Lawson@Cranfield.ac.uk> writes:

> Hi, 
> 	I am not allowed to install Linux on one of the machines on the
> college, however I must get the machine to run Linux in order to write a
> Linux CDROM. However, the machine has a CDROM drive which I can use. I am
> just wondering if it is possible to boot from floppy and pass the
> arguments root=/dev/hdb/live to the kernel so it can boot off the 'live'

Try passing /dev/hdb. What Distribution is it you are talking about?
AFAIK Debian never shipped a live system (though one is planned).



P.S.: If you have got a cd image you don´t need to write it with

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