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Hi People,

I have a Digicard network card in my Linux box.
The Digicard network was designed for schools, and has a main server
box, and Macs, Apple IIs and PCs can all connect to it. It is very like
AppleTalk (you can use the same connectors from the cable to the Mac.)

The card in my Linux box uses a 85C30 to communicate with the network.
I'm wondering if I can set it up so that my Linux box can talk to the
network using Appletalk, so I can share stuff to my Mac.

I saw a driver for the 8530 chip, in the kernel source but it was designed
for an AX.25 (or AX.5, can't remember) network.

Could I still use this driver, and get the AppleTalk driver to talk to
that? Or could I somehow modify the existing 8530 driver to pretend to be
an Appletalk card?? (I'm not too good on C at the moment though )-:
What driver does the Appletalk driver expect to talk to?

Thanks for any help,



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