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000cruise Partnership 100%CPU! Abwesenheitsnotiz: Thanks! After upgrade to 3.2.2, sound became skippy apt-get install kde failed (current testing release from 2004.05.14) Arts, network transparency, nas. Ati & lcd power off Re: Avoiding aRTs? Getting juk to work with gstreamer background: world time zones Build problems w/kde 3.3 alpha 1 cannot boot kernel 2.6 from SATA ICH5 hardware can't print from kde can't upgrade to kde3.2.2 Changing cursors w/KDE 3.2 changing proxy settings of konqueror in a shell script connect to my XServer in kde Could someone confirm this bug? Re: "debian" desktop item stopped working default file permissions Re: delete memory of konqueror Re: delete memory of konqueror - solved Downgrading KDE? EU semms to fund some OSS-projects Extragears in Debian fish in kde 3.1.2 does not work anymore Font Woes Re: Font Woes - Solved!!! How to uninstall kvim? i can'y sse tha bottom of my screen Re: Installing Agypten with KDE 3.2 K3b Question k3b splash screen wont go away before I click on it KDE 3.2.2 slow in starting applications KDE 3.2.2 Sluggish KDE 3.2 desktop KDE 3.2 screen savers are not working kdebluetooth (WAS: Re: Extragears in Debian) kde-i18n-de and old kdevelop KDE icon issue KDE is preventing laptop disk spindown by incessant configfile-writing kdemeeting? Re: kde: problems with dcop and kded Re: kde: problems with dcop and kded [fixed] Re: kde problem with woody KDE Security Advisory 20040114-1 (?) KDE Security Advisory: URI Handler Vulnerabilities KDE + TwinView on Sid vs. Sarge kdm try to start but back to the console login KDM xauth (WAS: KDE is preventing laptop disk spindown by incessant configfile-writing) Kmail and filtering kmail and multiple smtp profiles Kmail filters and header modification kmail is not able to send mails to mailinglist... Kmail lost body of mails kmenueditor broken Kmix All the Time koffice 1.3 debs for woody/KDE3.x Konqueror crashes when dropping files on it Konqueror fails with cookies Konqueror ignores my color in default.css file Konqueror prints in A3 size Konsole & Tab Completion KRandR and Limits? KSpreadTrader -- Any Models To Follow? libstdc++ dependencies Links opened from KMail mistreated Login Manager lots of empty konqueror windows on starting kde Menu does not update Missing documentation Monitor Blacks Out mouse wheel Move kmail mail dir mp3 arts output (juk) broken Mystery Icon on Panel New Window Themes No Debian Menus in Kicker (Debian Unstable) No sound after upgrade to unstable/KDE3.2.2 (no subject) Open a mail directly from kmail search results? OpenOffice dialogs are enormous... [OT] kde-i18n-ar? pgp signature attachements with cryptplug printer driver trouble Problems updating KDE question of sense in kde splash screen ROFL Screensavers are completely broken... screensavers can't be configured anymore in kde 3.2.2 Sid's KOffice debs broken? (SOLVED) KDE 3.2.2 slow in starting applications Someone experiencing same troubles? sound and kde/gnome Re: Re: Sound Problem Text Boundaries? Re: Re: Thanks! Trying to contact Mark S. Masse unsubscribe upgrading of Sarge broke KDE USB digital cameras for the total n00b? Web-URL annoyances What's wrong with my menus? XF86Config and restarting X XMMS in KDE 3.2 .Xmodmap is not read when logged in The last update was on 17:42 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 377 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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