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Re: default file permissions

Bart Dorsey schrieb:
The real proper way to do this is to create your family-group (in fact the "users" group would suffice for this, just add both users to is (why is this not the default in debian?)

them create /home/shared-stuff

and set it 775
chmod 775 /home/shared-stuff

then set the "group sticky bit" on the directory

chmod g+s /home/shared-stuff

and chown it to root.users

chown root.users /home/shared-stuff

That's nearly what I did first. Just nearly because the directory's owner is ulrich:staff (we're both in staff).

But, it's important to note, that you could leave umask alone, and when there are files you WANT to share, you put them at 664 manually... chmod g+w file
That's o.k. for normal files (text documents an so on) but with that I would have to run a script as root before running mozilla to change all the file created from mozilla (like the bookmarks.hmtl) to the next user. Mozilla sets some files to be only readable by the owner
-rw-------    1 ulrich   staff       86783 May 10 16:57 bookmarks.html
When I start as user birgit it's the same. Except the owner changed to birgit and the file is empty (deleted and created new on startup of mozilla). The sticky bit doesn't change anything according this special behaviour of mozilla.

Anyway, is this even helpful, or are you trying to do something I still
don't quite understand

It more seems that *I'm* just beginning to understand my real problem. (see above). I guess it's more an internal policy of mozilla and has less to do with kde, I fear.


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