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Re: Menu does not update

On Sun, 09 May 2004 16:58:12 -0600, Doug Holland Combobulated:

> Run update-menus as root to rebuild the menus.  Note that when you run 
> update-menus as root, the global default menus are rebuilt.  If you run 
> update-menus as a normal user, only your menu files in ~/.local and ~/.config 
> get redone.  Note that if you run update-menus as a user right after using 
> the menu editor to change things, your changes will be blown away & replaced 
> by defaults.
> Yes. the menus need fixing.  Especially with regards to usability.  There are 
> too many submenus in the K menu, and they have too many items.  And there 
> should not be a separate Debian subtree - everything in there needs to be put 
> in KDE's regular categories.

Hmmm............ I don't have either of those files here, never have -
~/.local and ~/.config .

CRH 8^)>

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