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Re: delete memory of konqueror

thanks so far your replies, but it did not help. 
perhaps I described my problem too vague.

I am not looking how to delete the history of visited web pages but of visited 
web forms (e.g. enter your mail add. in the web form of  your mail account)
I can right-click on the form, "choose completion" form and select "none". But 
I like the drop-down menu to choose my mail account name. 

In the Control Center - Sec & Privacy  - Privacy I deleted everything 
belonging to "web browsing", but still the drop-down menu of the 
completion-form shows all entries I ever entered. 

any idea? cheers Martin

On Friday 30 April 2004 22:28, Martin Wegmann wrote:
> Hello,
> I cannot figure out how to delete the memory of Konqueror.
> I deleted the history, reset inside the ControlCenter the webcache, form
> completion and web history but still Konqueror remembers my mail add., etc.
> everything I once entered in any web form.
> any ideas how to reset the memory of Konqueror?
> TIA, cheers Martin
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please send me a CC when replying

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