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Open a mail directly from kmail search results?

Using kmail 1.6.2 in KDE 3.2.2 on Sarge.

I'm sure there must be a way to open a mail directly from a kmail search 
result rather than have the main message list pane jump to that message when 
the message is clicked in the search result.  However, the handbook doesn't 
mention it and just digging around turned up nothing.  Ditto for googling.
Anybody got the magic clue for me? :-)

I hope it can be done because Kmail is worlds faster than Thunderbird on an 
IMAP mailbox with 80,000+ spams in it (no, I'm not kidding; I'm in the 
spam-filtering industry :-) and the search behavior is  the only thing 
keeping me stuck on Thunderbird for this task.  I set the search window to 
stay above others, run a search, and want any search result, when 
double-clicked, to open in a new window.  Thunderbird does.  Kmail doesn't.
Help! :)



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