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Re: Open a mail directly from kmail search results?

On Wednesday 19 May 2004 07:43, Jonathan Byrne wrote:
> Using kmail 1.6.2 in KDE 3.2.2 on Sarge.
> I'm sure there must be a way to open a mail directly from
> a kmail search result rather than have the main message
> list pane jump to that message when the message is
> clicked in the search result.  However, the handbook
> doesn't mention it and just digging around turned up
> nothing.  Ditto for googling. Anybody got the magic clue
> for me? :-)
> I hope it can be done because Kmail is worlds faster than
> Thunderbird on an IMAP mailbox with 80,000+ spams in it
> (no, I'm not kidding; I'm in the spam-filtering industry
> :-) and the search behavior is  the only thing keeping me
> stuck on Thunderbird for this task.  I set the search
> window to stay above others, run a search, and want any
> search result, when double-clicked, to open in a new
> window.  Thunderbird does.  Kmail doesn't. Help! :)

The only thing I can suggest is using the Last Searches  
folder (at the bottom, or click on "open" in the search 
dialog) after every search. That opens in a new window if 
you double click, and setting a shortcut to open the search 
window again should be relatively painless.


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