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Re: Re: can't upgrade to kde3.2.2

On Sat, May 08, 2004 at 06:07:04PM +0000, Jean Darcoux wrote:

When apt try to install kde-i18n-fr, I get this message :

The following packages will be REMOVED:
 juk kcachegrind kde-devel-extras kdevelop kdevelop-data

I had a similar problem with kde-i18n-engb for a while.  I'm sunning Sid
now, and it seems to have gone.  Are you on Sid or Woody ?  I tried
installing that package on Sid and didn't get asked any uninstalls.

I am using Testing

Ah :)  Testing is on the same version as Sid.  It might be worth
doing an apt-get update anyway.

If you're running kde.org debs on Testing, mindyou, I can't answer for

No, I only use packages from official debian site (I am running testing). It seems that the version of kde-i18n-fr in testing and in sid are the same (so they have the same conflicts). I am not sure if doing an apt-get upgrade now will break my system since kde-i18n-fr is kept back (maybe somes programs will not be fully translated in french or they will not work correctly). If I do an apt-get dist-upgrade, I have the conflict explained above. I wonder if I can safely dist-upgrade my box now.

apt-cache policy kde-i18n-fr kdelibs4 juk kcachegrind kde-devel-extras kdevelop
would be interesting to see the output of.


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