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KDM xauth (WAS: KDE is preventing laptop disk spindown by incessant configfile-writing)

On Tuesday 18 May 2004 21:53, foner-debian-kde@media.mit.edu wrote:
> P.S.  On the off chance that this had something to do w/using gdm as
> my display manager, I edited /etc/X11/default-display-manager to be
> /usr/bin/kdm instead of /usr/bin/gdm.  Didn't help, although it was
> -intensely- irritating that kdm then created /var/run/xauth and
> /var/run/xdmctl directories that then broke any attempt to launch
> applications from a shell, as opposed to from the KDE popup menus
> (e.g., "emacs &" from an xterm gave authentication errors, as did
> xhost! so I couldn't -fix- whatever auth problems were going on...).

By default, xservers started by kdm do not listen on tcp ports to
xhost can't work and btw. xhost is devil ;)

> Fortunately, I found the /var/run stuff by looking for any
> recently-modified files, and just nuked those directories, and then I
> could start X apps again (under gdm, anyway; I didn't go back to kdm
> after that).  This seems like a bug; if it's documented behavior, I'd
> love to know why.  (I haven't checked carefully to see what those dirs
> think they're doing, and since deleting them fixed the behavior, I'm
> assuming they were responsible.)

I doubt it ;)

/var/run/xauth tells the _xserver_ what cookies to accept.
~/.Xauthority contains the same cookie after login and those are
used by any X11 application to authorize to the xserver.

/var/run/xdmctl is used by a kde to controls kdm.  emacs
and xterm know nothing about it and should therefore not be
affected ;)

I only remember once a damaged .Xauthority file in the last years
running kdm on dozens of hosts.  Logout, removing the
~<user>/.Xauthority, login fixed it.

I guess that the start/stop logout/login fixed your problem too.
If you feel like it.  Stop gdm, remove .Xauthority and
.ICEauthority files in the home directory.  Start kdm (and
never have this problem again ;)


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