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New Window Themes

I'm trying to use some window themese that I got off the internet. Basically, it was in rpm format so I used alien to convert it and install it. Now, this worked beautifully in KDE 3.1 but it seems like KDE 3.2 doesn't even recongnize it since it doesn't show up under control center -> appearance & themes -> window decorations.

I tried doing some research with "dpkg -L" to see exactly what is being installed for both this new alien deb file as well as my newly installed kdeartwork-theme-window. It seems the *.so and *.la files go inside /usr/lib/kde3/ and their configuration files reside in /usr/share/apps/kwin. I see that my new alien file (call it bluecurve) is inside both places but it's still not recongized. I also realized that the newly installed window themes from kdeartwork-theme-window all have the prefix kwin3 as where the bluecurve does not (kwin_bluecurve*). So I tried changing the prefix to read kwin3_bluecurve* and now it's being recongnized inside control center -> appearance & themes -> window decorations. The only problem is, when I try to use it, it uses the keramik window theme.

So I'm wondering two things; is it possible for me to use the bluecurve theme in 3.2 and is the keramik window theme the default if something isn't right with kwin in 3.2.


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