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Re: Kmail lost body of mails

These are usually ghosts of messages that were sent, or moved, but the index 
still had a record of them.. You can either drop the index, and let it 
reindex, or simply delete them.  This is a long standing issue..

PS, *grumble* Just lost kaddressbook directory, and all it's contents, did a 
file system check, and the only thing reported was a fifo gone south.. 
Kaddressbook now eats a ton of memory, and doesn't recreate the local 
directory... You think I would have learned to do regular backups while 
testing new KDE's after I lost my organizer on the last upgrade, but this 
wasn't to do with any upgrade.. Whoah is me..

On May 11, 2004 03:25 pm, Martin Wegmann wrote:
> hello,
> I tried to set up an imap account when Kmail chrashed, afterwards approx.
> 1/4 of my mails are set to "no subject", sender. "unknown" and the body  is
> empty.
> The weird thing is that the majority of my mails are unaltered. Is there
> any way to recover my "unbodied" mails?
> using debian testing/unstable, Kmail 1.6.2, Kde 3.2.2
> TIA, cheers Martin
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