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can't upgrade to kde3.2.2

Hi all

I want to upgrade from kde 3.1.5 to kde 3.2.2. I have 2 questions :


When apt try to install kde-i18n-fr, I get this message :

The following packages will be REMOVED:
 juk kcachegrind kde-devel-extras kdevelop kdevelop-data

Maybe this is because they are not translated in french. It is possible to upgrade kde and keep these package ? I really like juk and the tools in the kde-devel-extras package. I would like to use them in french.


I am using Testing and I remember that during a long time, kde was hard to upgrade until all the 3.1.5 packages goe to testing. At this time, it is safe to upgrade my installation with package in testing ? I don't want to run into dependencies problems ...

Thank you for your help


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