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Downgrading KDE?

Dear KDE-Debian list,
I´ve been using Debian installed by Knoppix 3.2 sucessfully for some time, 
with KDE, but recently I installed digikam 0.6 with aptitude and this updated 
KDE at the same time to version 3.2.2. Now KDE has several problems:
- Its all in English although I have the Geman version installed and the 
German and Swiss settings selected.
- The right mouse button no longer works in the browser mode of Konqueror.
- I keep getting three Konsoles opening when starting, they eat up all the CPU 
load, and can only be closed by killing.
- I don´t like the new icons as well as the old ones.

For these reasons I would like to go back to the previous version, e.g. KDE 
3.1.5. How can I do this without causing a major upset? The APT-Howto says 
that things can´t be removed without removing all dependencies as well. How 
can I thus deinstall KDE 3.2.2 without losing all KDE programs?

As it is derived from Knoppix, my installation is a mixture of testing and 
unstable. Testing is the default. 

Theo Schmidt

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