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printer driver trouble


I've been trying to add a printer, actually I've tried to install two 
different printers and get the same error. When I go to the Add Printer 
wizard and I choose a driver to use from the list provided in the driver 
selection window and click next I get the error:

Unable to load the requested driver:
Unable to create the Foomatic driver
[whichEverDriverIChoose]. Either that driver does not exist, or you don't have 
the required permissions to perform that operation.

I've tried every driver in the list for both printers and get the same results 
every time. What the heck? Hopefully it's just some dumb newbie thing that 
y'all can point out. Thanks.

The 2 printers that I've tried have been:
Brother HL-1240
HP PhotoSmart 7350

Robert Packer

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