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Re: [OT] kde-i18n-ar?

* [Sunday 30 May 2004 05:10] Paul Johnson:

> > And if it is, does that mean even if someone would package it, it
> > wouldn't be included in Debian?
> Have you tried googling for unofficial sources?  Have you tried
> looking at apt-get.org (and backports.org if you're using stable)?

Yes I did. Highest version number that was available there is 3.2.0; KDE 
in sid is at 3.2.2. Although I guess mixing those numbers wouldn't hurt 
too much with translational packages, I can't help feeling a little 
uncomfortable about it.

Moreover, since Domi said kde-i18n-ar would probably be packaged with 
KDE 3.2.3 (at that time, it will get into the official KDE sources), I 
don't mind the wait, really. I just wondered why it hadn't been 
packaged in the official Debian tree.

Thanks for your reply,

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