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Re: default file permissions

* Ulrich Fürst [Sun, 09 May 2004 20:53:16 +0200]:
> it. And the bookmarks-file should be for us both, too. So what I want
> is that mozilla uses the directory
> /home/.mozilla/ for storing its files for my wife as well as for me.
> Mozilla points
> korrekt to the directory but because my wife's account has no write
> permissions
> mozilla is deleting the bookmark file and creates a new empty one.

  mozilla does this as a security/sanity meassure. some programs make
  sure certain user files have appropriate permissions (appropriate for
  "normal use", that is).

  mmm, if you never log in at the same time, you could go for rsync'ing
  directories (or files) that you want the same before login/after
  logout. i think it can work if you do it right (i.e., taking care of
  only syncinc from newer files to older, etc.)

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