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Web-URL annoyances

For awhile now I've noticed problems with the Web-URL thing that pops
up when you select a URL.  It shows up in the lower right of my
screen.  The problems are erratic.

The most serious problem is that sometimes after I click on one of the
items (e.g., selecting mozilla) the whole system locks up for about a
minute.  I can move the mouse and see the pointer go, but I can't
click on anything.  ctl-alt-Fn has no effect to change screens.
alt-tab does nothing.  Fortunately, it doesn't last forever and is
relatively rare.

Less serious, but more frequent, are the times when I click and
nothing happens, including the fact that the menu remains up.

The menu seems more responsive to keyboard input than to the mouse.
In the second scenario, hitting ESC will dismiss the menu and hitting
ENTER will sometimes activate the selection.

Finally, when I do start up mozilla, it always seems to be behind the
current window.  It did not used to be that way.

Is anyone else seeing this, or have any idea what's going on?

A couple other questions related to this applet (if that's what it

If I want to file a bug, what do I file it against?  What's the name
of this component?

Is there a way to customize the component, for example changing the
default browser or deleting or adding entries to the menu that pops

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