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Re: default file permissions

On Tuesday 11 May 2004 9:11 am, Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
> > BTW, the "sticky bits" are overlaid on top of these to create the extra
> > digit...
> >  4     2     1
> > rwx rwx rwx
> can you be more explicit?

Sure, I'll try.... the first rwx is the 4's place, the second rwx is the 2's 
place, and the third rwx is the 1's place... it's another 3 digit binary 
number overlaid on TOP of the exisiting permissions.

so, "group" sticky would be.

0 1 0

which gives us a 2.

"user" sticky would be a 1 0 0 or,  4, this is mostly used to make stuff run 
"setuid" by another user (usually root)

and "other" sticky (used by the /tmp directory..shows up as a t in the 
permissions list)  would be 0 0 1   or   1

rwsrwsrwt  would be what it would look like at 7777

I hope that makes more sense.

> > so group sticky would be 2777 in this example... and it prints as
> >
> > rwx rws rwx
> Very unclear. Thank you for allowing me to (ab)use your good disposition.

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