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Re: KDE 3.2.2 Sluggish

On Mon, May 03, 2004 at 11:45:17PM -0700, Ross Boylan wrote:
> I'm having a problem that might be related.  A lot of my clicks are
> getting lost.  This is true regardless of whether I'm clicking a KDE
> item or a non-KDE app.  I'm doing a lot of double-clicking or holding
> my clicks for a bit to be sure they go through.  Other than that,
> speed seems OK.  I'm on a 700 or 800 Mhz Athlon.

Same thing happening to me.  It seems to happen more often with KDE apps.

> I ran a similar configuration with earlier versions of KDE without any
> problems. 

Yep, I was on 3.2.1, before the jump to 3.2.2.  Wasn't seeing any lost clicks
or sluggish behavior.  Maybe something broke in the last upgrade?

> My first thought was that this was an XFree issue, but there are a lot
> of possible culprits and I don't know how to track it down.  It's also
> only an annoyance right now.  If you're stuck permanently, you have a
> much worse problem.

Fortunately, it doesn't get "stuck" permanently; a few clicks usually free the
"stuck click."  Hitting escape a few times also works.  Wish there was a
better way to narrow this down.

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