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sound and kde/gnome

Hi all.

THe following pertains to debian testing.

I have an intel i810 chip in my laptop.  If I run xinit, and do a cat 
/proc/modules, it looks like i810_audio is unused, and a subsequent run of 
xmms produces beautiful sounding mp3s.  

If I do a /etc/init.d/kdm start and run a kde session, it looks like the 
driver is used once, and a subsequent run of xmms produces unintelligible 
garble.  There is nothing obvious running which is using the driver (arts) 
and the sound is disabled in kde.  Similar situation for gnome, but I am 
less sure of how the sound daemon behaves in gnome.

This only started happening after an upgrade to testing.

THanks for any pointers.  I'd be happy to provide more info.


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