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Re: XMMS in KDE 3.2


Why is it 'unbelievable' ? It's a relatively minor bug in kwin (nothing to 
do with Debian at all) that has been fixed upstream. kwin was completely 
re-written for KDE 3.2, so it's not surprising that a few annoyances 
slipped through. Also, IIRC the bug was only triggered by changes made in 
recent versions of XMMS, a notoriously finicky application for window 
managers to handle properly, which explains how the kwin developer(s) 
might have missed it.

Christopher Martin

On May 4, 2004 19:33, Bruce Park wrote:
> Wow, that's ... unbelievable. I'll have to check out the bug list
> myself to see exactly what happened but still ... I thought Debian
> handled this kind of thing well.
> At least I'm glad that this was a KDE problem and not a XMMS problem. I
> could have been hated for targeting my XMMS issues in the debian-kde
> mailing list. =)

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