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Re: Missing documentation

El Miércoles, 5 de Mayo de 2004 20:44, Ross Boylan escribió:
> > This is simply because the docs doesn't exist in your installation.
> This could be because I have goofed, the debian packagers have failed
> to package the docs, or KDE supplies no docs.

Because KDE supplies no documentation.

> So the Debian KDE team is specifically interested in getting man
> pages?

Yes. Any application which doesn't have a manpage, not only those from KDE. 
There were some complaints recently because the arts manpage wasn't very 
helpful, it's a good example of how a user can contribute.

> Agreed.  Though as an end user all I know is I don't see the docs; I
> don't know why.

OK :-)

> Interestingly, that page has a link to open bugs about documentation,
> which are relatively few.  I suppose the number of apps/applets
> without documentation is relatively large.  I suppose one could
> respond to this either by concluding that filing a documentation bug
> is silly, since everyone knows there's a lot of work to do, or that
> filing a bug is a good way to focus attention on apps of interest.

Well, bugs.kde.org uses bugzilla, so registered users can vote which bugs the 
hate most, or which wish they desire most. Also, the BTS, can be a good way 
of tracking the progress of an issue, or a way of offering patches.

> kdeprintfax is fairly small, so I suppose it might be doable.  In
> particular, it has a bunch of substitution symbols and it's probably
> not too hard to track down what they mean.


> Your reference to man pages inspired me to check if there was one for
> kdeprintfax; unsurprisingly, there isn't.

Well, normally, the man page only says standard command line Qt and KDE 
options, and points to the khelpcenter.

> OK, so it's probably not an "I didn't install the doc package" type
> error.

Note that in my previous post, I said that documentation normally is in the 
same package, but this isn't very clear. Large packages, where a lot of data 
(not only documents; images or sounds too) is included, it _is_ splitted for 
many reasons (share these data between architectures, save space, etc.). 
Small packages, which only include one application (e.g. k3b,  konversation, 
etc.), aren't normally splitted.

Best regards.

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