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Re: Downgrading KDE?

On Sun, 30 May 2004, Theo Schmidt wrote:

Dear KDE-Debian list,
I´ve been using Debian installed by Knoppix 3.2 sucessfully for some time,
with KDE, but recently I installed digikam 0.6 with aptitude and this updated
KDE at the same time to version 3.2.2. Now KDE has several problems:
- Its all in English although I have the Geman version installed and the
German and Swiss settings selected.
- The right mouse button no longer works in the browser mode of Konqueror.
- I keep getting three Konsoles opening when starting, they eat up all the CPU
load, and can only be closed by killing.
- I don´t like the new icons as well as the old ones.


For these reasons I would like to go back to the previous version, e.g. KDE
3.1.5. How can I do this without causing a major upset? The APT-Howto says
that things can´t be removed without removing all dependencies as well. How
can I thus deinstall KDE 3.2.2 without losing all KDE programs?

Don't worry about it, all the KDE programs will be replaced by different versions when you install 3.1.5 (some system libs may get rplaced also). If APT, dselect, ..., doesn't do what you want, and you are certain it is what you want to do, you may need to resort to "dpkg --purge --force-depends ..."

As it is derived from Knoppix, my installation is a mixture of testing and
unstable. Testing is the default.

Why not set your sources.list to unstable only, then do a dist-upgrade, :-)

- Bruce

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