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Re: No sound after upgrade to unstable/KDE3.2.2

Dnia śro 26. maja 2004 15:06, Björn Krombholz wrote:
> Are you sure that KDE (especially kmix) isn't remuting the mixer on
> start? While mpg123 is playing something artsd won't be able to
> take over the DSP-Device but to adjust the mixer settings. Open
> kmix again and recheck the settings.
Thanks for this hint. With it I finally solved the problem.
Maybe not a most elegant way
After launching kde I must do:
alsactl restore
It immediately turns on the soung. Even with mpg123 started in the 
background before kde
> If there's something wrong with your alsa modules dmesg or
> /var/log/messages could be a good starting point as well.
it was clear
> What does mpg123 say when you start it _after_ kde is loaded? Is it
> simply freezing doing nothing?
it doesn't freeze, it plays normally though with no sound
> Try (as root):
> # lsof /dev/snd/*
> or
> # lsof /dev/sound/*
it shows ok - mpg123 is the owner
> to see what programs are accessing the sound devices.
Here are messages found in ~/.xsession-errors
ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:494:(snd_pcm_hw_start) SNDRV_PCM_IOCTL_START failed: 
Broken pipe
kmixctrl: ERROR: Can't find  ALSA mixer.

> I'm running a FM801 card by myself never seeing any such problems.
After 2 weeks at last it works :-)

Thanks a lot to all for help


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