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Text Boundaries?

Whenever I see screen shots where objects in a window are partially hidden other objects, my tolerance meter begins to redline.  This picture, http://www.kde-apps.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&file=11204-1.png&name=kbootsplash, is not a choice but rather the first example I saw today that enabled me to intellectually define and express this rant.

Examine the label "Ihre Systemauflosung" (Literally, "Their system on draw", i.e. Screen size) on the right of the window.  There is only a trace of what appears to be a "g".  The window should automatically resize itself to fit the size and placement of the text.

My idea is for the entire window to be a self-referential entity.  This refers to each object in the window to be aware of the size, shape, placement, etc. of all other objects in the window.

Given a defined object such as the check-box with a label:  ( )  Choice A.  Can a program be aware of the boundaries of the imaginary rectangle surrounding "( )  Choice A"?  This will involve text content, text size, size of the button (circle), distance between the button and the label, etc.

The goal is to be able to throw a set of text and controls at a window.  Automatically, they will all be properly positioned with spacing between them that would be dependant on text size, font used, etc. to create an aesthetic-appearing window.

Comments to this message are welcome.  Is this only a personal issue or an undelying issue of Qt?
The content of the message is a reflection only of the writer and not that of AT&T or Tybrin.

Robert Tilley

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