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Re: USB digital cameras for the total n00b?

mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/camera 

Where /dev/sda1 will be the device unless you have scsi disks or another usb 
storage device already connected. and /mnt/camera will be the folder.


On Tue, 11 May 2004 06:26 pm, Silvan wrote:
> I've never used USB for anything, even though I've had it for years.  I
> have no idea how any of this is supposed to work.
> I borrowed a digital camera from Dad.  An Olympus some flummy.
> I plugged it in.  Hotplug reacted and did something.  From there, I
> couldn't figure out what to do with it.  I googled around, and found some
> instructions from 1999, explaining how to mount /dev/something and cd into
> the camera. Sorry I'm being vague.  I actually did this a couple weeks ago,
> and I don't remember the details very well.
> I did ultimately get the pictures out of it no problem, but it was a bit of
> a hunt and peck thing.  I have a strong feeling that it's supposed to be
> easier than this now; that I'm supposed to be able to plug the stupid thing
> in and have some magical graphical thing happen.  I notice KDE now has (or
> maybe always has had) a Peripherals -> Digital Camera.  The Olympus some
> flummy (750 something) is on the list.  However, I don't have the first
> clue on earth what to do with this.
> OK...  Peripherals -> Digital Camera -> Add.  Pick Olympus C 750 UZ.  Click
> the USB radio button.  It says "No further configuration required."
> Fine.  OK.  Now what?  I have a camera icon now.  I can't actually test
> this at the moment because I don't have the camera.  However, I tried this
> same process when I did, and I never got it to do anything.  Vague.  I
> know.  I guess I'll borrow the camera again and take another crack at it so
> I can report more useful findings.  My underlying question is:  how is this
> little icon supposed to know under which directory I want to mount the
> camera?  I never saw any way to set that up.  For that matter, am I going
> to have to go through this every time I plug the camera in?  The little
> icon doesn't seem to be persistent.
> While I'm asking, what about USB joysticks?  I've got Mom running Linux
> now. We installed a video game emulator and loaded a ROM into it.  She was
> excited until she saw that she had to move the cursor around with the arrow
> keys. (So why not play the Super Nintendo that's in the closet, Mom?) Her
> box has i810 audio, and no joystick port.  I figure in this day and age I'm
> probably supposed to buy her a USB gamepad.  I don't have a clue how to set
> any of that up, and I feel like asking stupid questions instead of STFWing.
> Anyone want to whack me in the head with a clue?  I really don't know the
> first thing about USB.  Somehow, I've just never needed any of those silly
> looking gadgets, but I gather from the 50,000 USB accessories at Wal-Mart
> that it's some big thing now.  (USB hubs?  I have six useless ports on my
> computer already.  Why do I need more?)
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