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Re: Konqueror fails with cookies

Am Sunday 09 May 2004 16:53 schrieb Pascal Mainini:
> hello!
> >  > On try to configure Cookies in Konqueror, I get:
> >  > Unable to start the cookie handler service.
> >  > You will not be able to manage the cookies that are stored on your
> >  > computer.
> i got the same problem here - also for other kde-services as the device-
> icons on the desktop etc.
> i'm not quite sure but on my system i had a problem for a while because
> "kded" didn't start automatically (which now seems to have disappeared
> again). so, check if "kded" is running - and if not, execute it in a shell
> of the kde-running user and check if the problem persists.

Actually, kded is running, no problem with that.

However, the problem disappeared. No upgrade, no configuration change, just a 


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