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KDE + TwinView on Sid vs. Sarge

	I was using Sarge on my laptop up until last week, when I moved to Sid.  Everything in the upgrade went fine, except that I had to remove console-common in order to get the dist-upgrade to complete.

> Here is the wrinkle:  I use the NVidia Proprietary driver with TwinView so I can hook up an additional monitor to my laptop.  Under KDE 3.1.x (Sarge), when I would maximize an application, it would maximize only on that monitor.  Under KDE 3.2 (Sid), they now spread across both screens, which means I can't really use the maximize button because one screen is 1024x768 and the other is 1600x1200.
> Is there a setting in KDE that allows me to get this feature back?  I seem to remember seeing "Cinellera Support" in the 3.1.x control center, but I can't find it in KDE 3.2.
> --JATF

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