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Re: kmail and multiple smtp profiles

On Monday 17 May 2004 11:46 am, Scott Granneman wrote:
> On Monday 17 May 2004 5:59 am, Tobias Kraus wrote:

> > network I'm connected to. Is it possible that kmail automatically
> > tries to use the secondary smtp-server if the primary isn't
> > available?
> I have 10 smtp profiles listed, and I've never seen that behavior. Kmail
> uses the 1st in the list, and if that doesn't work, it stops looking.

I've had the same problem, and my workaround was to configure a different 
identity for each transport I need to use.  I set a "special transport" on 
the identity's "Advanced" tab.

Changing identities is as easy as rolling the mouse wheel, so this isn't too 
annoying.  (Silvan@old.isp Silvan@new.isp Silvan@independant.mail.provider 
Silvan@local.mail etc.)

I just tested this, and it does work.  I sent out a message to a completely 
bogus address three times, using three different identities, and thus three 
different transports.  I got bounce messages from the expected server in all 
three cases.

Michael McIntyre  ----   Silvan <dmmcintyr@users.sourceforge.net>
Linux fanatic, and certified Geek;  registered Linux user #243621

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