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Re: default file permissions

On Mon, 10 May 2004 18:45:55 +0200, Ulrich Fürst <kde-liste@vr-web.de> wrote:

Antiphon schrieb:
On Mon, 10 May 2004 17:45:36 +0200, Ulrich Fürst <kde-liste@vr-web.de> wrote:

Silvan schrieb:

If I get it right 0007 would lead to denie access to anyone not beeing user or in the group of the file, and giving full access to the file for user and group? That would be what I want!

No. 0007 means that anyone can write to it who is not a member of your group and who doesn't own the file. It sounds like you want 0070 instead The numbers are (special-user-group-other)

Hmm. I thought the rights of a file is 0666 (for directories 0777) minus umask. So rw-rw---- would be 666 with umask 006 (o.k. not 7), that is 660?


The executable bit can be applied to files and directories alike since, in reality, a directory is merely just a kind of file.

rw-rw---- would be 660

Of course, one needn't use the octal numbers all the time chmod ug+w would be the same thing as chmod 660.

And to those who don't know, all advanced file managers like Konqueror, Rox, or Nautilus can manage these attributes for you.

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