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Re: default file permissions

Silvan schrieb:
> On Sunday 09 May 2004 02:53 pm, Ulrich Fürst wrote:
>>>Where is the file?  I don't run Mozilla, so I'm not familiar with that.
>>>Is it under /usr somewhere, or what?
>>It's under /home/.mozilla/ ...
>>In this directory and in subdirectories mozilla stores it's settings
>>and the mails and so on.
> OK, let's back up again. I'm still not completely clear what you have here.
> I think you have
> /home/you
> /home/your-wife
> Then you are trying to share files between each other by configuring various
> things to write directly to /home instead of /home/you or /home/your-wife
> Is that right?


If so, that's very strange. How do you even have write permission on /home? What is the permission on that directory? It's supposed to be 755, and individual users are not supposed to be able to write to /home directly anyway. I presume you've changed this.

I guess you can do it that way if you insist, but it seems messy and difficult to manage safely. Why not create a shared directory for the two of you with 775 permissions?

Other posts that I missed previously already explained about setting your umask in various places. With the right umask (0000 would work, or you could be more restrictive), and a directory you can both access it should be possible to do what you want.

drwxrwxr--   10 root  staff  4096 May  9 22:37 /home/

You've made a directory, chowned it to your-family-group, set it to 775 so the group can write there. Then when you set your umask to 0 and create a file, your wife can then modify the same file, even though you still own it.

This seems like what you want. It would probably be better to use a umask of 0007 instead, so you still have *some* control. (I should have used that in the above example, but I'm too lazy to go back and re-do it. :)

If I get it right 0007 would lead to denie access to anyone not beeing user or in the group of the file, and giving full access to the file for user and group? That would be what I want!

Anyway, is this even helpful, or are you trying to do something I still don't quite understand?
You could help me creating normal files with group read/write permissions.
It more seems that *I'm* just beginning to understand my real problem. (see my other message). I guess it's more an internal policy of mozilla and has less to do with kde, I fear.


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