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Kmail filters and header modification

I've experimented a bit with setting up a filter in Kmail that executes a 
script which calls the f-prot virus scanner. The script launches
the xmessage program and pops up a window with sender and subject info 
displayed as well as the virus information, if f-prot returns an exit code 
indicating a virus was found attached to a message. While this seems to work 
well I'm wanting to take it a step further and ideally have a message 
containing a virus be moved to a different folder. What I'm trying to find is 
a way to modify the header data of a message to add a 'virus found' field or 
the like, similar to the X-Spam field that spamassassin adds to a spam laden 
message. Is there a recommended way to have an external program modify the 
message header so that the modification is included in the message when 
control returns to Kmail? With a 'virus' field set upon return a second 
filter could then move the message to another folder, again similar to the 
spamassassin scheme. 

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