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FW: Trying to contact Mark S. Masse

Please send reply not to LIBRARY, but to perhamf@uww.edu.

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Sent: Mon 5/17/2004 12:19 PM
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Cc: Perham, Faustine L
Subject: Trying to contact Mark S. Masse
My name is Dr. Perham with the University of Wisconsin System(perhamf@uww.edu).
I am tryiing to contact Mark S.Masse who has an L-system apple on the web, but within the last few days, it has been blocked out.  I tried the email address mark@ottawa.2y.net, but it didn't go through.  Do I have the right Masse? If so, could you please halp me and have him contact me, since it involves a deadlline for a published paper.

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