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What's wrong with my menus?

I used to have menu items for almost everything on my system.  Most of the 
menu entries didn't have associated icons, but countless things where there.

I'm running a fresh install of Sid that I recently downgraded to Sarge.  I 
have all the KDE stuff in my menus...  Come to think of it, *everything* in 
my menus is tied to KDE in some way, with the sole exception of OpenOffice.

Either I forgot to install something, or something is broken.  I never 
actually use my menus anyway, but the other users on my system do.  I should 
fix this.

I remember it used to be that just about everything I ever installed would 
become immediately available on my menu thereafter, and there was a whole 
system of Debian menus to categorize things that weren't even GUI programs.  
Where did that come from?

Michael McIntyre  ----   Silvan <dmmcintyr@users.sourceforge.net>
Linux fanatic, and certified Geek;  registered Linux user #243621

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