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Web-URL annoyances

When I highlight a URL the Web-URL thingy pops up on the lower right
of my screen.  For quite awhile it's been misbehaving, though somewhat

The worst problem is that sometimes after I click on it my session
gets completely locked up--no response to mouse or ctl-alt-Fn keys to
switch screens.  It always comes back after c. 1 minute.

A more frequent, but less serious, problem arises when, although I
click on an item, the menu remains and no action takes place.  Hitting
the ESC key seems to help the menu go away in those situations.

Is anybody else seeing this?  I'm on KDE 3.2.2 from the Debian

Two other questions about this component:

If I want to file a bug, what do I file it against?

Is there a way to configure it, for example changing the default
browser or varying the list it provides?

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