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Re: mp3 arts output (juk) broken

A Dissabte 15 Maig 2004 12:24, Cajus Pollmeier va escriure:
> Any news here? The sound output really destroys the complete music :-(
> Self compiling mpeglib with -O0 helped for me, but the configure stuff
> seems to have several O2's hardcoded. I did a "perl -pi -e 's/-O2/-O0/eg'
> *" in every directory and replaced the resulting libmpeg by hand for
> testing. Sound is ok now.

I think that it might be a bug in g++ 3.3, because I compiled all Qt/aRts/KDE 
and other C++ libs with g++ 3.4 and juK and other KDE multimedia players like 
Kaboodle and amaroK are working fine to me.

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