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mp3 arts output (juk) broken


like described in
listening to mp3s with KDE-3.2.2 is a real pain :-(
However, the .deb proposed there makes my artsd crash.

I'll try to recompile complete kdemultimedia with the proposed patch.
It would be nice if a maintainer could at least react to it.

And how do I actually rebuild it with -O0? Setting DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS did not 
work, setting CXXFLAGS or CFLAGS did not work (at least, I see -O2 appear a 
lot). automake and all that crap really, really sucks :-((

Additionally, I find it really disappointing by the KDE QA-Team (does KDE have 
one?) that there are so many compiler warnings :-/
Things like:
In file included from libartsmidi_la.all_cc.cc:15:
../../../arts/midi/timestampmath.cc: In function `std::string
   Arts::timeStampToString(const Arts::TimeStamp&)':
../../../arts/midi/timestampmath.cc:73: warning: int format, long int arg (arg
are not necessary (on a common arch with a common compiler), especially if you 
already have monster configure scripts :-/

Maybe the selfcompilation works...


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