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After upgrade to 3.2.2, sound became skippy

Tried to send followups to linux.debian.users newsgroup,
but my postings do not show up, nor I get an error  ...


> "Sean O'Dell" <sean@celsoft.com> writes:
>> I just ran "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade" on a machine with a 
>> "testing" distribution on it, and all sounds now sound "skippy."
>> If I play any .wav or .mp3 through Noatun, Kaboodle or Juk, it will sound 
>> skippy, as if everything is being played through the sound card with the 
>> wrong sampling rate set.
>> Everything sounded fine right before the "apt-get upgrade."  The last time
>> I have done "apt-get upgrade" prior to this was no more than a couple weeks
>> ago.
>> Kernel: 2.4.25 self-compiled kernel that was compiled quite awhile ago.
>> Desktop: KDE 3.2.2
>> Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235 AC97
>> Audio Controller (rev 80).
>> Can anyone help?  Does anyone know where I should report this?
> I have the same problem, kernel 2.6.5, debian/testing, also a via
> card and I am quite sure is was o.k. with < 3.2.2 ...
> Using xmms sound is o.k., just the KDE applications have the
> distortions.  It even works nicely with xmms when using the arts
> output plugin, thus the error must be somewhere else in kde,
> maybe the lib used for decoding mp3s has a bug, since the same
> track transcoded to an ogg works just fine from within juk.
> Also mpg123 and mpg321 work fine.
> It annoys me since I just became used to juk and now I am again
> forced to use xmms ;c(

Maybe I should add: It is the same problem with kaboodle and

Any ideas?


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