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Re: kdm try to start but back to the console login

Thank you, I'd checked /var/log/kdm.log and find that the problem is my ugly microsoft wireless blue mouse, that I will change today to fix the problem

Broughton, Derek wrote:
Franco Gorziglia wrote:

The problem is that kdm try to start al the final of the boot 
but then a blank screen and return to the console login. Then, I can 
login as root, and type "#kdm" and kdm starts perfectly. I don't 
Check /var/log/kdm.log.

In my case, with 2.4 kernels kdm would variously do exactly what you report,
or (much worse) it would completely lock up, because it couldn't access my
synaptics touch pad (mouse).  In the case of the lockup, I put a command
into the kdm startup script to kill X if it saw the synaptics error.  KDM
would automatically restart X, and the second time it would always work.

Under 2.6, as long as I don't plug in my usb mouse until KDM has started,
I'm fine.  If I forget, it'll abort saying it can't find any core pointer
device.  Then I have to detach the usb mouse, rmmod all the mouse-related
modules, modprobe psmouse (for the touch pad), start KDM, then insert the
usb mouse.  One of these days, I'll figure out what I need to do with
modprobe.conf to get things installed in the right order - perhaps just
compiling psmouse into the kernel will do the job.


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