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Re: Arts, network transparency, nas.

On Monday 03 May 2004 11:22, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen 
> I have a setup where I have a server hidden away close to
> my stereo set, and a laptop where I sit. The server has a
> soundblaster PCI 64 for output to the stereo. (Old I know
> but I am just using it as a testbed for my final system.)
> I was trying to figure out the best way to set it up so I
> can use the laptop to control the sound output from the
> server (which has ogg files). My first idea was to
> install nas on the server, set up some kind of network
> filesystem and mount it on my laptop, use kaffeine on my
> laptop for decoding, and visualisations and stuff, and
> then output back to the server via nas. But this stumpled
> when I found out xine didn't do nas output.

err. wouldn't the best solution be to set X up on the 
server, enable X11 forwarding through SSH and run JuK or 
whatever from that machine? 


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