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Re: background: world time zones

On Monday 17 May 2004 14:58, Uwe Brauer wrote:

> Thanks for you help, it is really odd, now kcontrol tells me that I am
> in kde.3.2.2 (during installation of kworldclock several upgrades were
> performed, however this kde version is not part neither woody, sarge
> nor sid). 

KDE 3.2.2 has been in sid for a couple of weeks now - and I now suspect you 
have a mix of packages from 3.2.2 and a previous version which may explain 
strange problems you're having - could you try a full dist-upgrade to bring 
everything on your system to a concurrent level?

> In any case under 

Did you mean to leave this sentence half-finished? I do that a lot! :)

> no it is not there, the option to use a appear only the option
> bleeding.
> Strange

Uwe, I think the language barrier has come between us - I simply don't 
understand what you're trying to say :( Could you perhaps post a screenshot 
of what your 'Advanced Options' window looks like (use the 'ksnapshot' 
package to do this)

Mine looks like http://bum.net/snapshot1.jpg


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