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KDE 3.2 screen savers are not working


After upgrading from KDE 3.1.4 to 3.2 almost all screen savers stopped working. The preview screen stays black when selecting a saver, using the 'Test' button does nothing and when I try to access 'Setup' the saver manager tells there is no configuration file available. There are actually few savers that do work in three or four categories, but the rest won't. There seems to be no pattern or a reason why these few savers work, since they are from random categories. After searching through Google, I found couple similar descriptions from people having problems with KDE 3.2 screen savers. One solution was to install package 'xscreensavers-nognome', but I have the package already installed, and all the others needed for running screen savers. Anyone have an idea how to fix this and have those savers back?



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